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14 Ways Our Managed IT Services in Orlando Can Keep Your Business Safe

With 81% of all cyber breaches happening to small and medium-sized companies, it isn’t just multi-million-dollar corporations that must be on guard against the threat of infiltration. By utilizing managed IT services, you can ensure your company has a strong defense against threats with an on-call team if disaster strikes.

Additionally, outsourcing your IT needs frees up team members for other tasks and allows you to delegate resources to where they’re most needed. It also gives you confidence knowing your cyber security is in good hands and that you’ll comply with your industry’s regulations.

1. Ensuring Updates Are Completed

Your Adobe, Java, and Microsoft products release regular updates that improve your programs’ security. If you’ve been prompted to upgrade your software, you’ve probably clicked remind me later.

The problem with later is that it can quickly become never, and your business is left vulnerable to cyber attacks. Even something as innocuous as visiting a compromised site with an outdated version of Internet Explorer can leave you susceptible to infiltration.

A drive-by download can happen if you access a compromised website using a browser that isn’t updated. Since upgrades are only beneficial if installed as they become available, you’ll want to be sure your business doesn’t use unprotected programs.

Thankfully, at Awsumb Tech, we provide a critical update service that prevents you from missing the updates your products need to maintain the highest level of security possible.

2. Maintaining Your Firewall

By utilizing our Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Preventing programs, you can guarantee that no one attempts to access your network without your knowledge. Every interaction is marked in the log files and sent to an SIEM monitored by our team.

We utilize all our programs to track and prevent threats to your business. With Awsumb Tech’s managed IT services, this is included with your tailored plan, saving you the time and expense of finding a firewall monitoring system independently.

3. Providing Regular Security Assessments

To maintain security standards throughout the company, you’ll need to establish a security baseline. Any devices or applications used in a professional capacity must be compliant with the baseline.

Since the security settings required by an enterprise are typically extensive and varied, a baseline prevents critical steps and settings from being overlooked and makes it easy to hold all departments to the appropriate standards.

Regular assessments also mitigate vulnerabilities as they arise and prevent gaps from appearing in your company’s defenses.

While some IT services may charge an excessive amount to run security assessments and even more to handle any security breaches, that’s not the case with Awsumb Tech’s managed IT services in Orlando. Our team takes control of every aspect of your IT needs, from preventative actions to emergency response, without any hidden fees.

4. Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication

One step isn’t enough when it comes to making sure your information stays protected. We keep your network safe by implementing multi-factor authentication as frequently as possible.

Since passwords are easily compromised, choosing not to use multi-factor authentication on sensitive data is reckless and opens up your system to infiltration. Everything from banking websites to social media profiles should require multi-factor authentication, and we will implement that step for you.

5. Providing Security Awareness Training for Employees

Your team is a critical part of preventing your business from suffering cyber-attacks. However, suppose you don’t have established cyber-security policies in place. In that case, there is a high likelihood that a team member will allow a threat to infiltrate your company.

Whether this error occurs due to negligence or lack of awareness, it will be a costly mistake. Implementing policies and employee training is the only way to be certain that your team is aware of the risks. Teaching employees how to guard themselves and the company from online threats can prevent your team from falling prey to social engineering.

At Awsumb Tech, in addition to creating the policies your company needs to keep employees operating safely, we also offer ongoing web-based training programs. Our IT management services provide your team with the training they need, allowing you to spend energy on other things while we ensure they are up to speed.

6. Keeping Your Data Encrypted

Whether your company’s data is being stored or transmitted, ensuring it’s only accessible to the right people is crucial. When you trust our cyber security company in Orlando with your files, we will provide the encryption services you need to feel confident that your data is only accessible by the individuals you select. This precaution is especially essential when you’re sharing files using mobile devices.

7. Offering Security Incident and Event Management Services

Monitoring and analyzing events and security logs for possible threats allows us to recognize vulnerabilities and threats before they become an issue. Our engines can scan your system for even the most advanced threats by tracking events and data and looking for anomalies.

In addition to helping your company maintain a strong cyber-perimeter, our engines also track and collect data to ensure your company meets all compliance requirements. We know the penalties for failing to meet industry security are severe. That’s why our managed services in Orlando ensure you meet all requirements to prevent you from facing the repercussions of falling short.

8. Limiting Vulnerability to Spam Emails

Many business owners would be shocked to learn that most cyber attacks stem from emails. But it’s the truth!

Since spam emails can leave your company vulnerable to ransomware attacks or phishing attacks, you’ll want to select an email service that limits the number of spam emails you and your team receive.

We know that choosing the right service provider can be challenging, so we will help you select the provider that will offer the most secure service for your enterprise.

9. Performing Regular Backups

Less-thorough cyber security companies in Orlando often overlook the importance of performing regular backups. Without regular backups of your system, your company is at risk if your system is breached and files are corrupted.

Consistent, complete backups are the only way to be sure that all your hard work and private information won’t be lost due to malware corruption.

10. Providing Web Gateway Security

Our Cloud-based security system ensures that threats are blocked immediately. By preventing web and email threats from reaching your users, we eliminate the opportunity that a team member could inadvertently facilitate file corruption or a phishing attack.

An essential component of internet security is identifying and defending against the threat more quickly than it can infiltrate your network, and our cyber security company in Orlando is up to the task.

11. Maintaining Mobile Device Security

Many companies overlook mobile device security when contemplating their enterprise’s needs. Unfortunately, this oversight often leads to disaster since cyber criminals commonly attempt to access company networks and data through employees’ tablets and phones.

Awsumb Tech doesn’t overlook this piece of the security puzzle. Instead, we provide business owners with the solutions they need to keep mobile devices from leaving a gap in their defenses.

12. Applying Passwords and Security Policies

Without security policies on your network, you’ll have difficulty preventing infiltration and confidential information from being exposed inappropriately.

To avoid your network becoming a free-for-all, we implement password-protected areas, add screen timeouts, and control user access to ensure that only the correct people access files and devices.

13. Replacing Anti-Virus Technology With Advanced Solutions

We protect your system from file-less and script-based accounts using cutting-edge advanced endpoint detection technology. Once we identify the threat, our technology can even roll back a ransomware infiltration.

You’ll be able to stop worrying about falling victim to cyber-attacks with our advanced endpoint detection and response technology on the case.

14. Conducting Dark Web Research

Stolen passwords and account information often end up for sale on the Dark Web, making your company susceptible to a data breach. While the thought of trying to find your information on the dark web and have it removed may sound exhausting, you won’t have to worry about that possibility if you hire Awsumb Tech. We will monitor the dark web and take steps to protect stolen credentials from damaging your business.

Staying Safe

When it comes to cyber security, you want to be proactive, not reactive. When you hire Awsumb Tech to handle your network security in Orlando, FL, we will put systems in place to catch infiltrators before they can harm your business. Don’t be caught playing catchup after a security break has put your company at risk. Contact Awsumb Tech today and let us create a custom security package to meet your enterprise’s needs.

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