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Managed IT Services

FREE DISCOVERY CALL: How Managed IT Services in Orlando Save You $$$

Every business is looking for ways to stretch its budget a little farther, and the hunt for savings doesn’t just apply to finances. If you’re looking for a way to help your enterprise save time and money, using Awsumb Tech’s managed IT services in Orlando can provide significant savings, expedite business processes, and protect you against cyber-attacks.

Managing an in-house IT team requires precious time that could be better used elsewhere. Those looking to access a complete IT team for far less than it would cost to hire an in-house IT department will appreciate the value of managed services in Orlando. Our custom service packages are designed to meet your company’s every need, allowing you to have access to the support you need to help your business thrive.

By Making Budgeting Easy

When you can’t predict how much your IT services will cost each month, allocating the appropriate amount of funds is challenging. By choosing a managed service plan, you know what your IT services will cost you each month in advance.

There’s no upcharge if an update needs to be performed and no hidden fees for services that some providers consider extras, such as security assessments and compliance checks. When you schedule a discovery call with us, we will review your needs and budget to determine how we can offer you the best value possible.

No More, No Less

Another way our service benefits your budget is through our tailored service packages. Instead of wasting funds on unnecessary extras, our custom plans ensure you only pay for what you need. When you work with Awsumb Tech, you will sit down with one of our experienced team members and design the plan that offers the services your business requires to thrive.

Eliminate Growing Pains

Our services plans are easy to scale to match your enterprise’s growth. No matter how your company shifts and evolves, our team is ready to adapt on the fly. Whether that means adding support services, shifting focus to a different aspect of your cyber security, or increasing the number of solutions we provide, your plan can grow with your business.

This adaptation guarantees that you’re never left exposed to threats or at risk of network downtime. So if the idea of only paying for what you need and having your IT solutions adapt on the fly sounds good to you, it’s time to schedule a discovery call.

Through Improving Cyber-Security and Data Protection

Anyone who believes the adage, “any press is good press,” hasn’t contemplated the damage security breaches and compromised customer data can cause for a business. This risk is dangerous for a small or medium-sized business that doesn’t have the ability to bury the event.

When you utilize managed IT services in Orlando, you will have peace of mind knowing your systems are being updated and continuously monitored. Keeping your defenses maintained is critical with the number of viruses, ransomware, and phishing scams bombarding your systems.

By Ensuring Company Compliance

Banking, healthcare, or finance companies must meet strict security parameters to maintain industry compliance. Since guidelines are constantly evolving and being modified, having a team monitoring your company’s compliance can prevent you from suffering the consequences of missing new compliance requirements or infrastructure guidelines.

If you are unsure if your company is compliant or if your current IT provider has been staying current on requirements affecting your business, your business may be at risk. When you schedule a discovery call with Awsumb Tech, we will help you ensure your business is compliant and determine what needs to be done to get your security systems up to speed if you are not.

By Boosting Employee Productivity With Managed IT Services in Orlando

The International Data Corporation (IDC) found that one of the most significant challenges businesses encounter when implementing their corporate strategy is targeting the correct individuals and resources to the core areas of their businesses for optimal productivity. By hiring a third-party team to manage your cyber security and IT needs, you can ensure that your employee’s energy isn’t being used on tech issues that could be handled by someone else.

Make Technology Work for You

The goal of technology in the workplace is to enhance how your company conducts business and improve employee productivity. If your technology isn’t doing that, it’s time to reevaluate your systems. Our managed IT services can maximize what your technology does to benefit your company. For example, a common reason many enterprises’ technology isn’t working for them is that they have excessive network downtime.

At Awsumb Tech, we believe that any downtime is too much, so we monitor your systems to keep your network and servers operational. IDC data found that unplanned downtime costs enterprises $58,118 for every 100 impacted users. Implementing managed IT support in Orlando can increase your team’s productivity by decreasing the amount of unplanned downtime that impacts their working abilities.

On-Call Experts

Tech problems are one of the quickest ways to tank productivity since many company departments rely on technology to complete their responsibilities. Without managed IT services, projects will stall when a network crashes, and productivity will suffer until you can repair the problem. Finding an IT professional on the fly for an emergency isn’t always easy; if you can find someone available to help, expect to pay a premium for emergency services.

Alternatively, when you use managed IT solutions in Orlando, not only will they work diligently to prevent downtime, but on the rare occasion it occurs, you’ll have professionals immediately working to address the situation. No searching for IT support or expensive fees, just reliable, prompt emergency service included under your monthly rate.

By Minimizing Infrastructure Expenses

You can reduce your infrastructure costs by switching to managed IT services in Orlando. Utilizing your managed IT service provider’s data centers enables you to downsize how much infrastructure you have at your site. Not only will this reduction of infrastructure save you money on physical hardware, but it will also save you money by lowering your energy output from the infrastructure. In addition, space once used to house equipment can be repurposed and provide valuable square footage if your workspace is already crowded.

Through Lowering Licensing Expenses

Since IT programs are ever-changing, professionals in the IT sector are always completing training. With an in-house team, your company will be responsible for ensuring you hold proper licensing and your team stays current on changes in the technology industry. However, when you work with a managed service, any needs pertaining to your IT system will be absorbed by your monthly payment, which you’ll be able to project and incorporate easily into your budget.

Limit Your Initial Investment

Managed services in Orlando can also help your company offset the initial expense of technology programs and systems. Instead of spending an exorbitant amount on software and hardware, you pay for what you need via your monthly payments.

This management method turns your IT expenses into an operating expense, not a capital expenditure, preventing you from tying up valuable resources while you’re trying to run your business. Additionally, software upgrades will already be included in your service. This feature enables you to utilize the cutting-edge software your business requires without any extra fees.

Don’t let IT issues leave you at risk of security breaches and impact your team’s productivity. Managed IT services and cyber security in Orlando will help you make the most of your time and budget while protecting your company from threats. To learn more about how managed IT services can help your company, schedule a free discovery call with Awsumb Tech today.
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